Flood Street Carousel

On the corner of Flood St and Lords Rd, Leichhardt



Do we take bookings?

Sorry, but as a general rule of thumb, no. We are a small cafe that's often very busy and bustling with Leichhardt locals. That makes it very difficult for us to hold tables for small groups and risk disappointing the friendly faces who have popped in.

What if I have a big group with 6 or more people?

Then it depends! If you have a larger group with 6 or more people, then give us a call and we might be able to work something out.

While we try our best, we still can't give any promises, especially when it's super busy or when our big table is already taken -we try not to drag our small tables together as it makes it hard for us to get around and serve you!

What's the best way to try?

Give us a call!

(02) 9560 9834 

We usually pick up (unless we're super flat out)!