Flood Street Carousel

On the corner of Flood St and Lords Rd, Leichhardt

our coffees

Flood Street Carousel has all your favourite coffees.

Dan loves to share his love of coffee with the Leichhardt locals. He understands that "good coffee" is often different to everyone and is passionate about both helping coffee newbies find their new fave and meeting the requests of the most hardcore coffee connoisseurs. Try something new by adding a flavour shot or some Chai!

We also have lots of milks! Choose from:

- Full Cream Milk (Riverina Fresh)

- Skim Milk (Riverina Fresh)

- Soy Milk (Bonsoy Organic)

- Almond Milk (Almond Breeze)

- Oat Milk (Minor Figures)


Check out our current menu

We try to update our menu with the seasons.

We also have specials that aren't on the menu (e.g. winter soups). 

Keep up to date by checking out our cafe blackboard and following our Facebook and Instagram!

Flood Street Carousel - Eat in Menu (pdf)

At Flood Street Carousel, we use Smuggler Coffee.

At Flood Street Carousel, we proudly use Smuggler Coffee.

 Dan, our barista, chooses the Smuggler Coffee Roasters blend for his coffees. 

Sourced Directly from Colombia

All the coffee beans we grind are sourced directly from Colombian farms - when you grab a cup of Dan's coffee, you can feel at ease that you are getting the real Colombian coffee experience.

A Strong and Sweet Flavour

Dan's coffee beans help make his coffees strong and sweet - many Leichhardt locals love the flavour and grab a cup daily. 

(they also help the cafe smell amazingly fragrant)